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Papers in conference proceedings

  1. K. Michielsen, N. Moriakov, J. Teuwen and I. Sechopoulos, "Deep Learning-based Initialization of Iterative Reconstruction for Breast Tomosynthesis", 6th International Conference on Image Formation in X-Ray Computed Tomography, 2020. Abstract
  2. N. Moriakov, J. Adler and J. Teuwen, "Kernel of CycleGAN as a principal homogeneous space", International Conference on Learning Representations, 2020. Abstract/PDF



  1. P. Putzky, D. Karkalousos, J. Teuwen, N. Moriakov, B. Bakker, M. Caan and M. Welling, "i-RIM applied to the fastMRI challenge", arXiv:1910.08952, 2019. Abstract/PDF arXiv
  2. R. Dilz, L. Schröder, N. Moriakov, J. Sonke and J. Teuwen, "Learned SIRT for Cone Beam Computed Tomography Reconstruction", arXiv:1908.10715, 2019. Abstract arXiv

Papers in conference proceedings

  1. J. van Vugt, E. Marchiori, R. Mann, A. Gubern-Merida, N. Moriakov and J. Teuwen, "Vendor-independent soft tissue lesion detection using weakly supervised and unsupervised adversarial domain adaptation", Medical Imaging, 2019. Abstract/PDF DOI
  2. N. Moriakov, K. Michielsen, R. Mann, J. Adler, I. Sechopolous and J. Teuwen, "Deep learning framework for digital breast tomosynthesis reconstruction", Medical Imaging, 2019. Abstract/PDF DOI arXiv


Papers in international journals

  1. N. Moriakov, "On Effective Birkhoff's Ergodic Theorem for Computable Actions of Amenable Groups", Theory of Computing Systems, 2017. Abstract/PDF DOI


PhD theses

  1. N. Moriakov, "Entropy and Kolmogorov complexity", 2016:122. Abstract/PDF DOI